Mercedes-Benz Ireland

Loyaltydriver is now a mandatory requirement within the Irish Mercedes-Benz Dealer network group and has been appraised and approved by Mercedes-Benz Germany”
Mercedes-Benz Ireland

Quality Counts

The Mercedes-Benz Star epitomises innovative design and timeless elegance. Widely recognised as a pinnacle of aspiration, the brand reflects the spectacular development of the automobile industry over the past 125 years.

In Ireland there are 18 Mercedes-Benz Dealerships, and the quality of the service they provide is paramount in upholding and maintaining the premium positioning of the brand.

Prior to using Loyaltydriver the tracking of customer satisfaction was being carried out manually within each Dealership.

This meant that the level of customer contact was sporadic, therefore the feedback needed to improve dealership CSI scoring was missing, overall contact ratings were poor and it was difficult to monitor performance.

The decision to implement Loyaltydriver across the group completely transformed this situation. A spokesperson for Mercedes-Benz Ireland said:

“Using Loyaltydriver, our overall Customer Contact rating has improved from -20% to 80% plus!”

What is Loyaltydriver?

Loyaltydriver is a fully automated customer satisfaction follow up service (using voice calls and interactive text messaging) that can be easily implemented as a group wide standard requirement. It operates every day of the week and contacts every single customer that day to check whether they are completely satisfied with the service they have received.

By contacting and hearing back from customers so quickly, this provides Dealerships with the information they need to turn dissatisfied customers into satisfied customers, and therefore the opportunity to continually raise levels of customer retention. It also allows individual Dealerships to be appraised on a monthly basis on their ability to keep customers happy.

Driving The Future

For Mercedes-Benz the benefits of the system are clear, and it has become an integral part of the brand's profile in Ireland.

Today's customers are smart and proactive in seeking out best value and best service. Dealerships cannot afford to leave customer satisfaction to chance. Mercedes-Benz Ireland doesn't.

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